Things are not always what they appear!

Strange as it may be, I have always been one to let things roll right off me. Much like rain drops on a ducks back. With out analyzing things too much I have had some thoughts from several months back that have continuously resurfaced. I figured maybe it would help to share with those who stumble blindly on to this site.

Back in March I went and raced a bmx bike at a local track. I am 50 years old now so my class consists of 46 to 50 year olds.

This was my first time back racing in 35 years, the last time I raced a bmx was back when I was 15.

Here is where the problem started. I had just finished my second moto. I finished fifth. I was thinking that’s not to bad considering. Plus I was having a blast. It’s a rush to be on the gate with other racers.

Upon getting back to the side lines where the wife was hangin out a couple of fellows where talking with each other and mentioned how bad I sucked at racing. I was shocked at first but said nope just let it go, they don’t know me. If they did they would have known a few vital stats.

1) I had just been cleared by the doctor three days earlier for a back injury sustained a little more than a year earlier 14 months actually.

2) I had not spent much time on a bmx track in years. Let alone my race bike.

3) Over the previous year I had 3 “procedures” and 2 “Ops” I had been recovering from.

4) 74 Visits to physical therapy, Yes Seventy Four….Not a typo.

5) My injury is what actually got me to get back on a bike and the bmx bike I built while doing all of the physical therapy and ops was my motivation to keep pushing so hard.

All I wish is for people to think before speaking, unless they know the whole situation. By writing this here I’m hoping I can just let it go and do better things.

Who knows maybe one day I won’t “suck” at racing my bike!

Signed, Ed Dreyer USABMX Ga01 Plate 861 2018

P.S I have raced 8 more times since this event and have finished with 4 thirds and 1 second place finish. Maybe get a first soon…..

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